Range Guide

Range Bays

  • 4 Bays of 5 lanes each (20 Lanes total), 25-yard maximum target distance
    • 1 tactical bay, capable of handling up to .50 BMG
  • Each range bay features: Private ballistic panels, individually adjustable lighting to preference and full easy to use electronic target operation/retrieval
  • Range ventilation is state of the art: Incoming air is filtered, heated or cooled. Exhaust air is filtered through multistage HEPA filters exceeding OSHA requirements. All range air is evacuated once every 60 seconds.
  • TSS provides cardboard target backers, tape, and staples and target storage tubes at each bay
  • Economically priced targets are available for purchase
    • Customer supplied targets are accepted subject to approval by the RSO
    • Targets must be paper or cardboard only, no plastic or metal and all targets must be hung from backers/carriers

Range Fees

  • $20.00 for one shooter on 1 lane, unlimited time (subject to some restrictions on busy times)
  • $10.00 for an additional shooter on same lane
    • Maximum 2 Shooters per lane
  • Firearms Rental: TSS firearms rentals
    • $10.00 per hour for a handgun.
    • Rentals require TSS ammunition purchase (competitively priced)
  • The Desert Eagle (.50AE) firearm rental is $20.00 dollars per hour. Experienced shooters only, no rapid fire
  • The Barrett .50 BMG Rental "Boomer Special" is priced accordingly
    • $100.00 – 1 Shooter, 3 rounds, 1 BMG T-shirt, 1 Bumper Sticker
    • $150.00 – 2 Shooters, 6 rounds, 2 BMG T-shirts, 2 Bumper Sticker
    • $30.00 – 3 additional rounds for 1 shooter
      • The Barrett must be rented by appointment only, at least 24 hours in advance
  • Hearing Protection Rentals: $2.00 each. Rental ear protection is cleaned and disinfected after each use
  • Eye Protection available for purchase only (no rental) for $1.99

Range Membership Options

  • Annual Memberships: Single: $430.00 Couple: $650.00
    • Expires one calendar year from date of purchase
    • All Pre-memberships expire on August 15th, 2017.

Benefits of membership:

  • Free, unlimited Range time
  • Lane reservations.
    • Must be at least 24 Hours in advance, no exceptions
    • Single: Maximum of 1 lane & 1 Guest
    • Couple: Maximum of 2 Lanes & 2 Guests
  • 10% off selected firearms cleaning products
  • 10% off Ear and Eye protection (Rentals are not included)
  • Free “Range Targets”
    • Ask Cashier or Range Officer which targets are range targets
    • Limited to 2 targets for Single membership, 4 targets per Couple membership per range session. All targets are for TSS range use and may not leave premises
  • Guest Passes-per membership year
    • Single: 10 Guest Passes
    • Couples: 20 Guest Passes
    • If all Guest Passes are used, it will be $10.00 for an additional shooter on the same lane.
  • Members ONLY Sales, events and firearms raffles (Watch store postings, TSS website and social media for details).
  • Members only email specials

Age Requirements

  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian 21 years old or older.
    • MINORS FIRST TIME FILLING OUT THE WAIVER: A parent or legal guardian MUST sign off on their waiver. An electronic Waiver is available below, click "Sign our Waiver"
    • Customers 18 years old and older may shoot independently on the range.
  • A government issued Photo ID is required to shoot on our range from all shooters (Minors excluded)

Ammunition and Caliber Requirements

  • Calibers permitted on our range:
    • Hand guns: Any caliber is permitted
    • Long guns: .308 or lower is allowed. Anything higher than a .308 can be used on our range with special arrangements, contact the Range Rental counter.
    • Shotguns: Any shotgun gauge is permitted
  • Steel core bullets are not permitted, the projectile may not stick to a magnet
    • No armor piercing ammunition
    • No tracer or incendiary ammunition permitted
    • Black powder is not permitted
    • Shotguns: Slugs or #00 Buckshot only.
  • We recommend that you do not preload magazines because all ammunition must be available for easy inspection.

Dress Code

  • Shirt, Pants, and Shoes are required to shoot on our range
  • Eye protection and hearing protection is mandatory.
  • We suggest:
    • No open toed shoes
    • No low-cut shirts or tops (hot brass!)
    • No Shorts, no baggy loose fitting clothing that could hamper safe firearms operation.
    • Clothing that covers the face is not permitted, the RSO must be able to identify all persons at all times
  • We strongly recommend safety glasses over prescription glasses. Normal eyewear is not designed with shooting safety in mind.
  • We strongly recommend ear plugs and ear muffs to protect your hearing.
  • We strongly recommend that you wash your hands when leaving the range and before eating. D-Lead wipes are available at the range counter for $1.00